For me, the best thing about Sue is the way she ‘gets’ what a writer is trying to do both in terms of story and language, improving what needs to be improved without changing the writer’s original intent. In working with Sue I’ve found that she has a deep respect for both my voice and the way I want to tell my story, while also pushing me to make it as good as it can be. Her comments are insightful and spot-on, often giving alternatives to consider. I’ve used both her stylistic/copyedit and manuscript assessment services, and I heartily recommend both – the assessment in particular was incredibly helpful, leading to a clear jump in the strength of my story.

Celine Jeanjean, author of The Black Orchid


When I began working with Sue Archer on my novel, Trouble By Any Other Name, I knew right away that my novel and I would benefit greatly. Sue performed both stylistic and copy edits on the manuscript, suggesting wording changes where needed for smoothness and clarity that enhanced the story without compromising the voice. She has a natural instinct for knowing what a story needs, and her insightful comments sparked further ideas in me that improved the story and made it shine. I truly appreciated her professionalism and her flexibility and willingness to work around my schedule. Her knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and writing mechanics is astounding, and her comments are always framed in a positive, respectful manner. She did an excellent job, and I would highly recommend her services.

Lori L. MacLaughlin, author of the Trouble series


Sue Archer edited (stylistic & copy) my novella At Any Cost. I was somewhat apprehensive about working with a new editor on this prequel project, but was thoroughly impressed with Sue’s professionalism and skill. Her insightful suggestions for story improvements were spot-on, and she offered suggestions with thorough explanations and with the greatest respect for the story as I wished to see it told. She never attempted to change the voice or form of the story, but made it stronger. Her comments were always respectful without shying away from tough suggestions, which I very much appreciated. Highly recommended!

Kate Sparkes, author of the Bound trilogy

(Also edited: Into Elurien)


With expertise in both writing and editing, Sue has a keen eye for detail. She’s reliable, patient and professional, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. She stays on top of things and provides constructive feedback whenever it’s needed. I highly recommend her services!

Anna Williams, Managing Editor, The Editors’ Weekly


I had the great pleasure of meeting Sue Archer at Ryerson University [in an editing class]. After observing her keen and clever contributions to class discussions, I knew I had to snag her somehow. Wasn’t it my good fortune that I happened to have on hand a few short pieces of fiction that needed a good thorough going over.

Professional and always full of great ideas, Sue has helped me whip my work into shape both structurally and mechanically. As someone who knows what Sue is capable of, I would absolutely recommend her services.

Kat Hawthorne, author of The Boatman and The Oddity