There are a lot of editors out there. Why hire me?

I love books, and working with words is my passion. When I was little I saved up all of my birthday and Christmas money just so I could buy a typewriter and write stories. My mother used to tell me that the house could burn down around me and I wouldn’t notice because I’d be too busy reading.

Sue Archer, WordsmithThis love of story has continued to stay with me throughout my life. I went from a Master’s degree in English language and literature to a career focused on communications. I’ve been a technical writer, a client relations specialist, a communications trainer, and a marketing strategist. In all of these roles, my goal has been the same: to help people communicate clearly with each other. This is what I believe editing is all about. Whether it’s explaining an arcane rule of grammar, reorganizing the structure of a manuscript for better flow, or polishing language to help my author connect with a target audience, my job is first and always to help.

I love learning new things, and I believe that I can be a more effective editor if I continue to upgrade my skills and keep up with the latest publishing trends.  I have taken several editing courses from Ryerson University in Toronto, where I was nominated twice for the Rosemary Shipton Award for Excellence in Book Editing. I am a member of Editors Canada and constantly collaborate with my peers to learn new and better approaches to editing. I am also a contributor to the Editors’ Weekly and was a speaker at the 2015 Editing Goes Global conference.

In addition to editing, I am known professionally for my skills in writing and teaching. I provide communication tips with a creative twist on my blog Doorway Between Worlds and write the “Grammar Corner” column for Grammar Ghoul Press. On my website here, I blog about editing and self-publishing, with the goal of providing useful tips for my subscribers.

There is nothing more satisfying for me than helping my clients become better writers. I hope to have an opportunity to work with you. Please see my set of services to see if they are right for your needs. And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions — I’d love to hear from you.

All the best to you in your writing!