I love books, and working with words is my passion. When I was little I saved up all of my birthday and Christmas money so I could buy a typewriter and write stories.

Sue Archer, author of Fortune's ShadowThis love of story has continued to stay with me throughout my life. I went from a Master’s degree in English language and literature to a career focused on communications. I’ve been a technical writer, a client relations specialist, a communications trainer, a marketing strategist, and a plain language advocate in a multinational corporation, where I’ve worked with people around the world. In all of these roles, my goal has been the same: to help people communicate clearly with each other and share their stories.

I have a deep love for fiction, especially speculative fiction, so in addition to my various business-focused roles I have worked with several independent authors as a freelance fiction editor to help them bring their stories to life. I’m a member of Editors Canada and I’ve been a speaker at multiple Editors Canada conferences.

These days, I’m primarily focused on my writing.  My first novel, Fortune’s Shadow, is a contemporary fantasy which is available at the following retailers.

Thanks for visiting me. And for those of you who are writers, I wish you all the best with your wordsmithing!