I have extensive experience in developmental, stylistic and copy editing, however I am currently focusing on my own writing, so at this time I am only performing manuscript assessments. If you are searching for a qualified editor to perform detailed editing of your manuscript, I suggest the Editors Canada directory as a great source for finding the right editor for you.

Most of my clients are self-published. I work primarily with fiction, particularly in the science fiction/fantasy, romance, and mystery genres. I am also skilled at working with complex non-fiction topics and turning them into plain language. For more on my qualifications, please see my About page.

Manuscript Assessments

Full Manuscript Assessment

I will review your manuscript and provide you with detailed feedback on items such as plot, structure, character, dialogue, and setting. I will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript and provide you with specific advice on how to address areas that need improvement. I will also provide a detailed breakdown of comments by chapter on key focus items. A typical assessment report is around 20 single-spaced pages and costs between $700-900 USD, however it depends on the length and complexity of the manuscript. Please contact me for an individual quote.

Mentoring Service

If you are looking for feedback on a particular section of a manuscript, or have editing-related questions, I provide a by-the-hour mentoring service at $40 USD per hour.