I offer a flexible set of services that can be adapted to suit your specific needs. I assess each project individually when providing a quote. As part of my assessment, I provide a free sample edit.

Most of my clients are self-published. I work primarily with fiction, particularly in the science fiction/fantasy, romance, and mystery genres. I am also skilled at working with complex non-fiction topics and turning them into plain language. For more on my qualifications, please see my About page.

My services are divided into two types: manuscript assessments and hands-on editing.

Manuscript Assessments

Full Manuscript Assessment

I will review your manuscript and provide you with detailed feedback on items such as plot, structure, character, dialogue, and setting. I will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript and provide you with specific advice on how to address areas that need improvement.

Mentoring Service

If you are looking for feedback on a particular section of a manuscript, or have editing-related questions, I provide a by-the-hour mentoring service through email.


Structural/Substantive Edit

A structural or substantive edit is a comprehensive hands-on edit of the manuscript content. I will reorganize the structure to improve the flow and identify where content can be added, removed, or changed. In a fiction manuscript, this could involve the movement of scenes, changes to plot points, or the restructuring of a character’s arc.

Stylistic Edit

While the structural/substantive edit is at the manuscript level, the stylistic edit is at the paragraph level. In a stylistic edit, I will edit paragraphs and sentences to improve transitions, clarify meaning, and eliminate jargon.

Copy Editing

The purpose of a copy edit is to eliminate errors and establish consistency throughout the manuscript. This involves editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I will also check the manuscript for internal consistency, including the consistency of facts (such as place names and timelines).


Do you have questions about my services? Please contact me.